Here’s to you!



Here’s to the man on the beach in this 19 degree weather with his “treasure detector” (not sure what the proper name is). To the woman responsible for cleaning all fifteen floors who told me to keep warm in the elevator. Here’s to the guy wheeling an older lady on the icy sidewalk who kept checking to make sure the blanket on her lap was wrapped tightly enough. Here’s to my dog Bailey who always saves a little bit of food for my other dog, just because he know his buddy is obsessed with eating. Here’s to you who take the time out of your day to read my words.

This winter weather reminds us of the privilege of warmth. It also reminds us of what we have in this part of the world: indoor heat. Here’s to accepting the winter and looking at it through the same lens as the summer, just another period to embrace life and be grateful.

I’ve been very inspired lately. Although it’s pretty clear I’m not religious, today a sign dangling before the walkway of a church called out to me. It said, “Oh my sweetness bring outward pain and inner peace.” Those might not be the exact words, but you get the idea. I don’t even want to write about it. Sometimes it’s best to leave things up to perceptive interpretation.

I’ll leave you with this crazy thought: the earth’s weight never changes. Think about it…

If you’re reading this, I love you! If not, I still love you, but you’ll never know because you aren’t reading this. Either way I hope you’re having a great day!

Not sure what to call this…Live your life!

The same metaphor has been revisiting my mind over the past few days: time is similar to a glass of water in a desert. One can either drink it up, savoring each nurturing sip, or stand still watching the tiny droplets condense and dissipate into the arid air. Regardless of the decision, the water will be gone, time will run out and one will be left alone with the decisions they made.

I don’t mean this in a morbid or pessimistic way, actually quite the contrary. I think life should be focused more on living than dying. We don’t choose when we enter the earth, when we leave, or what insurmountable grief will bury us along the way. The only control we have is how we handle the circumstances which present themselves.

Perfection does not exist and truths are only varying perceptions. My viewpoint remains that the closest one can get to an ideal life experience is the commitment to self betterment with every rising sun; all humans wrestle with negative enticements. As long as one is learning from these experiences and attempting to handle temptation, guilt or anger more positively in the future, every stumble is as much a gift as a victory.

We all have the potential to grow, but only if we let go of fear and allow ourselves to take the plunge into self assurance. I’ve come to realize that achieving your goals and getting everything you want out of life are two of the scariest things imaginable. So much so, that we often talk ourselves out of taking the risk that will pay off the most, solely because of doubt. Right now I’m writing my first novel and every time I sit down to write that little voice gets inside my head  and tells me that I’ll never be good enough, that I’m wasting my time trying to write something that will never amount to anything. However, I choose to push through that fear. Another side of me knows I can do it. Something pulls at my passion strings and gives me the confidence that forces me to prevail. That’s the key to life though isn’t it? Listening to your better half and conquering the insecurity? We can all do it. We just have to be strong enough to make that choice. I really believe everyone has an equal amount of potential.  Now people, please, please go  do something with it!